Mills Keep advise internationally; we assist clients to keep UK tax to a minimum within Government and HMRC guidelines.

Your domicile can have a major impact on UK tax.

Domicile is not the same as nationality or residence. Your domicile is decided under general law, which means it must be interpreted according to previous rulings of the courts.

Questions of domicile can be complex but broadly speaking you have your domicile in the country that is your real or permanent home now or to which, if you have left, you intend to return.

You cannot be without a domicile, and you can only have one domicile at a time.

There are three types of domicile:

  • Domicile of origin
  • Domicile of dependence
  • Domicile of choice

When you need to consider domicile

If you have foreign income or foreign capital gains then you need to consider your domicile, as it will have an effect on the amount of Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax you have to pay.

You may also need to consider your domicile for the purposes of Inheritance Tax.

Key considerations we will help you deal with include:

  • Domicile of choice or changing your domicile
  • Deemed domicile for Inheritance Tax
  • Determining your domicile