Mills Keep have over 20 years experience in creating, managing and advising on the taxation of family trusts.

Family Trusts provide a valuable way of preserving wealth either for Inheritance Tax planning purposes or protecting future wealth for your family.

How to set up a trust

Meet with Jeremy Mills, discuss your objectives and family circumstance. He will advise on tax implications, prepare a draft then finalise it with you. Mills Keep then arrange to transfer the assets to the trust and assist with the opening of a bank account. We then register the trust with HMRC.

Dealing with a trust problem

Contact us for advice on the implications of all taxes and distributions from a trust. In particular the impact of Inheritance Tax on payments and the possibility of a charge every 10 years needs careful consideration.

A Trust Case Study

Mr Donaldson wants to set up a trust for his grandchildren. He was worried about giving them too much access too quickly because he felt they were too young and worried about ongoing income tax. Setting up a trust proved to be the ideal solution.